Regional Sales Managers

Mike Murphy

Head of sales, New Zealand

Mike joined Entrada Travel Group in 2009 as Bay of Islands Sales Manager, and later as Bay of Islands Sales and Marketing Manager, he was involved in several key projects for the group’s Bay of Islands tours and cruise business, Fullers GreatSights. They include the Air New Zealand Summer of Safety campaign, which showcased Fullers GreatSights’ cruise activities, as well as the Bay of Islands Marketing Group – Fullers GreatSights is one of many member organisations that collectively promote tourism in the region.

In 2017 Mike was appointed Senior Sales Manager with responsibility for the international markets Australia and North America and domestic trade sales.

In 2024 Mike was appointed to the role of Head of Sales, with overall responsibility for international and domestic trade sales for all New Zealand products within Entrada Travel Group. Originally from San Diego, he came to New Zealand in 2005, taking up a role with Hilton Hotels. He was awarded Hilton Hotels’ Salesperson of the Year in 2007.

Judy Xue

Sales Manager, Asia

Judy joined the group as Asia Sales Manager in 2010, after 10 years with inbound tour operator ATS Pacific. In her current role she has developed business in key northern Asian markets such as Taiwan, China and Hong Kong, and been part of Tourism New Zealand in market events including Kiwi Link India and China FIT (Free Independent Travel) workshops.

Judy is fluent in Mandarin, Cantonese and English and is a mother of two. She holds travel, tourism and business qualifications from Auckland’s Unitec Institute of Technology, and has completed a Certificate of Leadership at the University of Auckland.

Seiji Akiyoshi

Japan Sales Executive

Seiji is an experienced, well known tourism sales professional in Australia and New Zealand. After working as a Dive Master and Diving Instructor for Divers Den in 2001 and graduating with a Bachelor of Law from a Japanese university, he began in a sales consultant role in 2003 with Japan’s biggest travel agent, JTB.

He went on to a working holiday in New Zealand in 2007 before taking up the Asia Marketing Manager position for Divers Den in 2008. When Divers Den became part of Entrada Travel Group in 2018, Seiji was appointed its Japan Sales Executive.